SoundBite: Bipolar Sunshine

Woah. Interesting track. Even from the very beginning, I automatically want to hear more.

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SoundBite: Gorilla Warfare Tactics

Gorilla Warfare Tactics are back, spinning out old-ochool beats with monster hooks.

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SoundBite: Vance Joy

Special two part SoundBite… Vance Joy of Melbourne, Austria


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SoundBite: Tully John & Liza Jane

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SoundBite: Hold On (Remix)

I want to post more often, so I am introducing a new feature I call ‘SoundBite.’ Posts will be just a song that I am listening to. Just straight music. Nothing else.

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Alabama Shakes: Always Alright


It is nice to see the amount of attention this band has been receiving lately. All for good reason. From late night TV to grammy appearances, it seems that the warm sound of the Alabama Shakes is catching on. Their latest song appears on the soundtrack to the Silver Linings Playbook, a movie that has also been receiving a lot of award show press. I absolutely love the flavor of this band and the song; it’s moody, bluesy, and ‘does’t give a damn.’


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20/2012: Kishi Bashi


The hiatus is over, and I’m back with lots of new music. My first priority is to take a look back at all of the amazing music we got from artists in 2012. In a new segment I call ’20/2012,’ I hope to spotlight some of the bright new artists and albums that emerged. In a scene of over-saturated genres, 2012 will be known as the year in which many artists broke the current molds and created something delightfully different. My goal is to bring some of these artists to you.

Kishi Bashi, also know as K. Ishibashi, is a one man band. You wouldn’t necessarily think that when you first hear Kishi Bashi, yet behind each beautiful, haunting song is just a single man with a loop pedal. His debut EP from last year, 151a, is a collection of what can only be described as mini-pop-syphonies. The only way to really experience it is with the lights dim and in a quite place; as you pick apart the different layers of sound in your head, the album opens up into a stunning new world. My favorite songs are the playful Manchester and Bright Whites.


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Via New York Times: “Kesha”

I’m always looking for a good song, wherever it may come from. Today’s pop remix arrived to me in a mysterious way. Check out the source links to experience the wild ride that led me to this bumping remix of Ke$ha’s Die Young –  featuring the likes of Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa & Becky G. Also it’s a great discovery because it cites Ke$sha’s dental hygiene and some blatant misspellings.

[Via Buzzfeed via New York Times via New York Times via Soundcloud]

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Moment of Zen: Pop Top 20 Mash-Up of 2012

As twenty twelve comes to a close, we get the first of the obligate top-of-the-pop-charts mash-ups. “So here it is, your moment of zen:”

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Listening To: Wake! Owl

I don’t really know much about this band yet, but I can’t wait for the release of their EP, Wild Country. Have a listen, and hopefully you’ll see why I think the song is so rousing.

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