As the dust settles and LCD Soundsystem takes its last breathe

It is no coincidence that James Murphy, a self proclaimed micromanager, decided to open his final performance as front man for LCD Soundsystem with the track “Dance Yourself Clean.” The lyrics, equally as ostentatious as the music itself, declare, “It’s the end of an era, its true.”

In returning to his roots as a DJ in a recent guest appearance on NPR, he says to hell with “biodegradable guitars, I want to wear a white suit and jump into a pool” – in standard rockstar fashion, circa 1980. He truly is the rockstar next-door; the same guy who never actually lost his edge, as the song goes. In this sense, Murphy is both uniquely modern and deeply rooted in experience of those who came before him.

For me, there are no headphones loud enough to properly experience the pounding rhythms Murphy has to offer. The songs transcend the era that he helped define as a DJ spinning Daft Punk before anyone ever cared for them. The lyrics, and in many ways the music, artfully reject common hypocrisy; as Ariel Schwartz phrases it, they are “both poignantly true and absurdly hilarious.”

The Show:

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