New Sounds: Hello Echo

Hello Echo: Click here to download and listen more in the iTunes Store

Recently featured on KXEP’s Blog, Hello Echo, an East Coast trio with the soul of the West, deliver a fresh take and a deeply layered sound. I love how Sean Aylward’s electric guitar, which is neither rhythm nor solo, is contrasted to the vocals, drums and bass that are both fresh and distinct. The convolution of sound, that is their debut album Hello, jumps out with loud and sweeping guitar and vocal sections, unfolds, and then finishes on a softer note. Although, they have no shows posted since their performance at SXSW, I look forward to seeing more from these guys. Enjoy the posted tracks.

The Songs:

The Vid/Links:

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1 Response to New Sounds: Hello Echo

  1. Sarah says:

    in 180 characters or less: like. majorly. #helloecho

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