A Chuck Klosterman Conversation

“The Pitfalls of Indie Fame” by Chuck Klosterman 

At 3:31 PM, a friend of mine sent me the above essay by Chuck Klosterman – a favorite author of mine. What follows is, word for word, the ensuing conversation. My friend’s words are in red:

its nothing i already dont know, and he is wrong about some things


he is right in many ways, but wrong about indie music in general

read more klosterman and then judge, he knows more about indie music then ull probably eve rknow

i know

he is wrong to point that out only of indie music, that happens with anything

it happens to be that the indie music scene is more critical

but popular music is susceptible to the same pitfalls

example: grammy 2010, best album of the year is taylor swift

she has already received twice as many grammys as elvis

that music is absolute tween crap

arcade fire last year baby

my favorites

see, that is an album with lasting integrity

and they emerged from the indie music scene

chuck missed that

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